Posted on April 29, 2019

The Power of Strategic Diversity – Benefit from Positive Deviance

Welcome to this video series called: The Power of Strategic Diversity.

In this video series you’ll learn about how you can leverage a systemic and strategic approach to diversity, that you can leverage to shape diversity beyond the numbers game, create an inclusive work culture, and to enhance your organizations performance This video series will benefit you if you are a leader in business and need to prepare your organization for tomorrow’s challenges and optimize its performance. This video series goes with the article on Forbes that we wrote together with 3 other experts called Systemic Leadership: How to Leverage The Power of A Strategic Approach To Diversity.

During today’s 5-minute The Power of Strategic Diversity video, I’d like to go over a process you can use to continuously learn how to detect which knowledge, skills and behaviors are different from the norm, but at the same time are assets to your organization’s performance levels. And that is all bundled up in a term called positive deviance.

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