Summit Interviews

As founder and host of the Systemic Leadership Summit I have had the privilege of conducting over 100 interviews with top speakers and experts about topics as mentioned below from 2017 to 2022 to date. A typical interview has a duration of 1 hour. Agreement with speaker agreement contracts were and still are a prerequisite for speaker participation in the summit. Use of summit interview content during and after the summit was agreed upon with every speaker through these speaker agreements. Interview recordings, audios and transcripts are available for purchase through the summit website:

1 Allen Kathleen E. Summit Interview 2021 Shifting to Regenerative Vital Systems
2 Allen Kathleen E. Summit Interview 2018 Leading from the Roots
3 Aram Eliat Summit Interview 2017 Leading in Complex Times
4 Bailleur Philippe Summit Interview 2021 Trauma in Organizations
5 Bakker Siets Summit Interview 2021 Systemic Field work in the Present
6 Bakker Siets Summit Interview 2020 Moving questions
7 Bateson Nora Summit Interview 2018 Liminal Leadership: Leading from the In-between
8 Bateson Nora Summit Interview 2017 The Leadership Paradox
9 Bateson Nora Summit Interview 2020 Warm Data and Warm Data Labs
10 Belgrave Antonio Summit Interview 2017 Positive Deviant Performance
11 Böll Mette Summit Interview 2020 Shapeshifting Education
12 Braun Danielle Summit Interview 2018 Building Tribes
13 Brisett Leslie Summit Interview 2018 Contemporary Challenges when Leading Systemically
14 Buehler Michael Summit Interview 2018 Global Systemic Leadership in Political and Business Environments
15 Cady Phil Summit Interview 2021 Using Systems Thinking to Make Decisions in Complex Changing Contexts
16 Cady Phil Summit Interview 2018 The Organic System Framework
17 Campbell Jennifer Summit Keynote 2019 The Value of Systemic Leadership
18 Campbell Jennifer Summit Keynote 2020 The Systemic Change Leadership Journey
19 Capra Fritjof Summit Interview 2018 A Systems View of Life
20 Cornally Sarah Summit Interview 2019 Systems Intelligence In The Corporate Space
21 Eoyang Glenda Summit Interview 2020 Human Systems Dynamics
22 Fridjhon Marita Summit Interview 2017 Intelligent Teams
23 Fridjhon Marita Summit Interview 2021 Creating a Sense of Belonging in Diverse Systems
24 Gal Orit Summit Interview 2020 Social Acupuncture
25 Gantt Susan Summit Interview 2017 Systems-centered Training
26 García Sánchez Pilar Summit Interview 2020 Beyond the Numbers
27 Goldsmith Marshall Summit Interview 2017 Great Leadership
28 Green Zachary Summit Interview 2017 Leadership and Group Relations
29 Gulbert Lili Summit Interview 2017 Strategic Systemic Change
30 Haddock Ray Summit Interview 2018 Developing Organizations with Systems Centered Training
31 Hale Jo Mc Summit Interview 2017 Nonviolent Communication
32 Hawkins Peter Summit Interview 2018 The Future of Leadership and Leadership Team Coaching
33 Hayashi Arawana Summit Interview 2021 Leading from Embodied Intelligence
34 Hayashi Arawana Summit Interview 2020 Social Presencing Theatre
35 Hayden Gina Summit Interview 2017 Questions for Conscious Leaders
36 Hill Stuart Summit Interview 2020 Enabling Real Change Ecologically
37 Hoverstadt Patrick Summit Interview 2020 The Viable Systems Model
38 Howard Anthony Summit Interview 2018 Human Centered Leadership
39 Howard
Edward & Sarah Rozenth.
Summit Interview 2017 Purpose led leadership
40 Hutchins Giles Summit Interview 2020 Regenerative and eco-systemic leadership
41 Janse Diederick Summit Interview 2018 Getting Teams Done: Leading and Serving from Holacracy
42 Johnson Dion Summit Interview 2018 Women Leadership and Systemic Change
43 Kalungu-Banda Martin Summit Interview 2020 Leading from the Emerging Future
44 Klein Louis Summit Interview 2021 Unpacking Stewardship in Rebuilding Society
45 Klein Louis Summit Interview 2020 Governance, Purpose, Change and Potential
46 Kouzes Jim Summit Interview 2017 Relationship Building for Leaders
47 Kramer Jitske Summit Interview 2017 Culture Change in the Corporate Tribe
48 Kromme Christian Summit Interview 2019 Humanification: Go Digital, Stay Human
49 Lamboray Jean-Louis Summit Interview 2017 Strength-based Community Building
50 Laszlo Alexander Summit Interview 2019 Thrivability & Being The Systems You Want To See In The World
51 Laszlo Alexander Summit Interview 2021 Exploration – Co-creating Systems we want to see in the world
52 Lewis Myrna Summit Interview 2018 The Power and Potential of Conflict
53 Lloyd Jeremy Summit Interview 2021 Balancing Authenticity and Performance when Leading Organizational Transformation
54 Lloyd Jeremy Summit Interview 2020 Hearing the Customers Voice
55 Lombardozzi Klaus Summit Interview 2019 Leading With Relationship Intelligence
56 Long Katherine Summit Interview 2019 The Application And Practice Of Systemic (Leadership) Approaches
57 Long Katherine Summit Interview 2021 The Inner and Outer Flows in the Embodied Experience of Systems
58 Loy Darst Cynthia Summit Interview 2018 The Inside Team
59 Lurie Joan Summit Interview 2020 Orgonomics
60 Lurie Joan Summit Interview 2021 Shaping leadership in Complex Adaptive Systems
61 Maloney Wendy Summit Interview 2020 Why Innovation is Human
62 Maloney Wendy Summit Interview 2021 Inclusive Innovation
63 Mindell Amy Summit Interview 2017 Process Work and Deep Democracy
64 Mostert Morne Summit Interview 2017 Systemic Leadership Learning
65 Natan Noomi Summit Interview 2021 Dealing with Endings from Inner Power
66 Natan Noomi Summit Interview 2019 The Power Of Constellations
67 Omer Aftab Summit Interview 2019 An Exploration Of Transformative Leadership
68 Omer Aftab Summit Interview 2021 Increasing Collective Prescencing: Caring for the World in Scaled Problems
69 Piazza Olivier Summit Interview 2017 Collective Intelligence
70 Plett Heather Summit Interview 2019 Holding Liminal Space
71 Pór George Summit Interview 2019 Evolutionary Purpose
72 Raworth Kate & Charlotta Sanz Summit Interview 2022 Doughnut Economics: Important of thinking like a 21st Century Economist
73 Renesch John Summit Interview 2021 Human Poyential and the great growing up
74 Renesch John Summit Interview 2017 A Shift in Consciousness
75 Rivera Brian “Ponch” Summit Interview 2020 The Flow System™
76 Rivera Brian “Ponch” Summit Interview 2021 Liminality, Leadership and the Flow System
77 Robertson Brian Summit Interview 2018 Holacracy: Leadership When Goals and Roles Rule
78 Robertson Peter Summit Interview 2019 Ecology In Business
79 Rød Anne Summit Interview 2018 Systemic Leadership in Action
80 Rowland Deborah Summit Interview 2020 Still Moving
81 Saltmarshe Ella Summit Interview 2019 The Role of Story in Systems Change
82 Schein Edgar & Peter Summit Interview 2020 Humble Leadership: Challenging Current Theories of Leadership
83 Schmitz Gaston Summit Interview 2017 Community Behavior Change
84 Schupbach Max Summit Interview 2020 Deep Democracy
85 Senge Peter Summit Interview 2019 System Leadership: Solving Problems That Matter
86 Seuhs-Schoeller Christiane Summit Interview 2019 Language Of Spaces
87 Snowden Dave Summit Interview 2020 The Cynefin Framework
88 Snowden Dave & Nora Bateson Summit Interview 2021 Sensemaking and Warm Data
89 Stam Jan Jacob Summit Interview 2020 Organization Constellations & Systemic Leadership
90 Stam Jan Jacob Summit Interview 2021 Potential in Organizational Systems
91 Storm Laura Summit Interview 2020 Regenerative Leadership and the Practice of Silence
92 Tate William Summit Interview 2017 Understanding Systemic Leadership
93 Taylor Benjamin Summit Interview 2020 Paradoxes, polarities and paradigm shifts
94 Taylor Benjamin Summit Interview 2021 The Developing Journey of the Systems Thinker
95 Tyler Scott Katherine Summit Interview 2019 Leading Highly Anxious Systems
96 Velarde Lazarte Monica Summit Interview 2018 The Hope of the Amazon – Systemic Leadership Case Study
97 Watters John Summit Interview 2018 Systems Blindness and Stuck Systems
98 Watters John Summit Interview 2021 Releasing the Power of the Human Spirit in Organizations
99 Weitbrecht Mathias Summit Interview 2019 Visual Strategy: The Why & How Of Visualization
100 Weitbrecht Mathias Summit Interview 2021 Using Visualization Skills to Deal with Complexity
101 Wheatley Margaret Summit Interview 2018 Who do we Choose to be?
102 Wheatley Margaret Summit Interview 2021 Warrior of the Human Spirit: the Leadership we need Now
103 Wierdsma Andre Summit Interview 2018 Systemic Leadership: The Fragility of the ‘In-between’


All books related to Systemic Leadership that I’ve either used as a source or recommended for reading can be found here:


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