Summits with a simple mission

The  Systemic Leadership Summit™  is an online event and has a simple mission. It is to help create a global shift in the leadership paradigm and dramatically grow and spread the transformation capabilities of leaders across the world.

In this annual conference, I help you answer your questions around leading change and show you how to leverage a systemic approach to it. Together with other thought leaders, experts and leaders in the trenches across the world, I explore what it takes to navigate change in our incraesingly complex and turbulent world. And how systems thinking approaches help you to be effective and on purpose.

Every edition of our summit, you’ll have an a la carte of 20+ value packed sessions. Through the sessions you’ll see, hear, learn and experience the impact of systems thinking based strategies, that revolutionize your change endeavors as a leader.

During our Systemic Leadership Summit™ you will:

Find powerful systems thinking based strategies for leading change and transformation
Learn from over 20 thought leaders, experts and leaders who deal with problems like yours
Experience value packed summit sessions that you can immediately leverage in your current change situation
Review summit sessions and materials at times that fit your schedule
Network with likeminded leaders and systems practitioners
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Program reviews

""I was impressed by the profound knowledge the experts shared at this professionally hosted global event. The SLS provided practical systemic tools applicable in my daily profession. The online learning community offered a co-creative learning process with other participants from over the world. I highly recommend the Systemic Leadership Summit to anyone involved in facilitating systemic change.""
An Rubens Systemic Change Agent & Business Owner The Productivity Factory, Belgium
"The systemic leadership summit is an excellent platform to hear all eminent speakers to whom we may not have chance to hear otherwise. I believe apart from the honourable speakers, Jennifer holds the key for each session. Her interview questions and summaries are so clear, that it makes a subject more clearly understandable. Thank you once again for giving an opportunity to listen to such eminent speakers."
Nitin Mistry Vice President Goldensun Cosmos Machinery Pvt. Ltd., India
"As I participate in the journey towards a world in which people, organisations and communities increasingly see, live and work through a systems lens, the Systemic Leadership Summit is a valuable support. It helps sustain me, helps me feel part of a wider (still hidden, but growing) community of practitioners, and keeps alive the vision that a better world is not only possible... it is becoming. "
Paula Downey Partner Downey Youell Associates, Ireland

The Systemic Leadership Summit since 2017

The first edition of the Systemic Leadership Summit™ launched in January 2017.  Since then it has been an annual event with over 4000 participants joining from more than 40 different countries across 5 continents to date.

We’ve had prominent speakers such as dr. Peter Senge, dr. Fritjof Capra, Margaret Wheatley, dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Nora Bateson, dr. Eliat Aram, dr. Alexander Lazlo, Brian Robertson, dr. Amy Mindell and many others.

If you are interested in obtaining access to our previous summits, you can do so in our online school called “Lead Living Human Systems”.

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