This Mastermind is Not for Everyone

If you want to break through patterns, that keep your organization stuck. If you want to be driven by purpose, not control. If you want to learn new approaches to impossible situations and complex problems. If you want to create opportunities in chaotic times. If you are willing to transform how you see your organization, shape your leadership, and lead your change processes. If you are committed to leading the way when there is no way. If you understand that what we need now is a more human centered, systems based and sustainable approach. For the sake of the advancement of your organization and the people in it. But most of all: if you want to successfully lead your organization through challenging changes.

Then this Mastermind is for you.

Mastermind - what's included

This Mastermind is a powerful mentoring & mastermind program for leaders who lead change. We work in small groups (3-5 leaders maximum) and online. Our participants are committed to bringing value, making a paradigm shift in their own leadership, and being impactful in their organizations. In both group and individual sessions you will learn and work with new ways to tackle your challenging change endeavors. We use strong principles from systemic (leadership) and change approaches, which are specifically tailored to leading in complex change situations.

4 month Systemic Leadership Foundation Building
Systemic Practice: Leading your change endeavors
Monthly Mastermind Group Sessions
Bi-weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions
Monthly Live Q&A Sessions
Small group of leaders (3-5)
No travel required (100% online)
Full Year Membership
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Program reviews

"Jennifer challenged me to show strong leadership, to think global & act local, to create alignment in my team and to do what is necessary to actively support the behavioral changes needed for results."
Max van der Meer Vice President Operations & Technology Huntsman Corporation
"Jennifer led the design and delivery of change interventions, brought together different stakeholders, and added strong structure and communication to support people in moving forward."
Heidi van den Heuvel General Manager Travellers Information Operations Dutch Railways
"We would not have succeeded without your help. Your dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance have ensured that we have changed sustainably, one step at a time during the past period."
Raymond Lesage General Director Ford Utrecht

Tailor made change management services

You know one size does not fit all: it’s time to stop buying standard solutions and trying to fit your organization to the latest hypes. It is time for choices and decisions that support your team or organization to grow to the next level. Need more info?

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