Masterclass High End Online Business

Your Breakthrough to More Online Impact & Revenue, Without Working Harder Or Lowering Quality

  • Did you lose clients or revenue or both in the past few months?
  • Were you forced to take your business online?
  • Do you feel obligated to lower your prices, but feel it doesn’t do your systemic work justice?
  • Are you looking for a different business model that works better for you and your mission?

You are on a mission and want to continue with your systemic work. But your revenue is not where it supposed to be. Your visibility has changed. Many systems practitioners are now struggling to keep their businesses viable and sustainable. How do you create a breakthrough in your online impact and revenue?

Your very important work of helping clients with systemic change and leadership stays behind. The technology is driving you crazy, because you can’t work with your space or embodiment focused approach you normally do. You business and your life are impacted, you feel slowed down in your mission, and hard work doesn’t pay off like before. You are looking for new ways to be successful under these new and uncertain circumstances. Stop looking, join our Masterclass.


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What you will learn in our High End Online Business Masterclass:

Why profiling online and high end is incredibly important for a systemic practitioner's positioning right now
The 3 core strategies to generate high quality high paying clients for your systemic business
Why creating a high end online systemic approach based business is different from other types of businesses
How to increase your online visibility and impact with your systemic work, mission, methodology and approach
Possibilities and actions for online success that you can implement straight away

This Masterclass is Not a Webinar

You will actually work on your business in this Masterclass. You will be able to actively apply the highly valuable knowledge and examples you will receive in this Masterclass. We will have a small group of dedicated people at a time.

Spaces are limited, so make sure to sign up for this Masterclass.

The High End Online Business Masterclass is right for you if:

  • You run a systems thinking, systems practitioner or systemic approach business
  • You work as a teamcoach, systems practitioner, change consultant, organization coach, constellator or a similar role
  • You are about to or have tried to pivot your business online
  • You have an online systems thinking based business, but want to take it to a higher level
  • You work with mid and low level clients and want to go high end
  • You want more revenue and more impact with your business
  • You want to have a scalable and sustainable business

If any of these sound like you, then register for the Masterclass High End Online Business.

How come some systems practitioners are thriving online? That they are able to be very vocal and active right now? How do they successfully seize the opportunity to help leaders and teams with the incredibly complex and systemic problems during the most unprecedented times?

The secret is: they learned how to build a viable online business. A business that is flourishing right now! They are following a strategy that makes it so. They accomplish More Online Visibility, Better Clients, More Impact in Less Time.

Would you like to learn how to create a flourishing high end online business as a systems practitioner?

If you’re ready to step up and show up, then we’re happy to work with you. Register today!


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Reviews from systemic leaders and practioners

""I was impressed by the profound knowledge the experts shared at this professionally hosted global event. The SLS provided practical systemic tools applicable in my daily profession. The online learning community offered a co-creative learning process with other participants from over the world. I highly recommend the Systemic Leadership Summit to anyone involved in facilitating systemic change.""
An Rubens Systemic Change Agent & Business Owner The Productivity Factory, Belgium
"The systemic leadership summit is an excellent platform to hear all eminent speakers to whom we may not have chance to hear otherwise. I believe apart from the honourable speakers, Jennifer holds the key for each session. Her interview questions and summaries are so clear, that it makes a subject more clearly understandable. Thank you once again for giving an opportunity to listen to such eminent speakers."
Nitin Mistry Vice President Goldensun Cosmos Machinery Pvt. Ltd., India
"As I participate in the journey towards a world in which people, organisations and communities increasingly see, live and work through a systems lens, the Systemic Leadership Summit is a valuable support. It helps sustain me, helps me feel part of a wider (still hidden, but growing) community of practitioners, and keeps alive the vision that a better world is not only possible... it is becoming. "
Paula Downey Partner Downey Youell Associates, Ireland

Masterclass by Jennifer Campbell

In this Masterclass for Systems Practioners, Jennifer Campbell will combine her own high end online business knowledge and experience, with her expertise in systemic change, leadership and coaching, her own ever evolving systemic practice and her art of hosting.


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