Tailor made change management services

Sometimes you just need solid tailor made change management handled. No need to look further. As a seasoned Change & Transformation Manager I’ve encountered and helped realize many different change processes in organizations of all shapes and sizes. I now specialize in working with international organizations. So whether the change at hand is in one location, in a region or across the globe, I help you make it a success. Book a strategy call to discuss possibilities for your organization.

Tailor made change management services - What's included

Tailor made change management services
Solid 25 years of international experience across many different industries
PROSCI certified Change Management, PMBOK & Prince II Project Management, Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Certified
Effective with 'hard change' such as IT implementations, Mergers, Downsizing, Restructuring and Process Optimizations
Effective with 'soft change' such as Culture Changes, Leadership Development, Customer & Employee Engagement
Strong Change Interventions, Executive and Leadership Development and Stakeholder Management
Includes change strategizing, change leadership, implementation and execution
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Program reviews

"Jennifer led the design and delivery of change interventions, brought together different stakeholders, and added strong structure and communication to support people in moving forward."
Heidi van den Heuvel General Manager Travellers Information Operations Dutch Railways
"Jennifer challenged me to show strong leadership, to think global & act local, to create alignment in my team and to do what is necessary to actively support the behavioral changes needed for results."
Max van der Meer Vice President Operations & Technology Huntsman Corporation
"​Jennifer has the gift of "sensing the energy of the group" and appealing to their needs while driving towards the commonly defined and now rooted goal."
Aram Cober Principal IT Transformation Vodafone Ziggo

Tailor made change management services

You know one size does not fit all: it’s time to stop buying standard solutions and trying to fit your organization to the latest hypes. It is time for choices and decisions that support your team or organization to grow to the next level. Need more info?

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