Organizations as living human systems

In my programs, I invite leaders like you to see and work with their organizations as living human systems. I help them to get back to focusing on the most important driving forces for their organizations and their people to sustainably change, grow, and transform.

You won’t get this with any other traditionally trained change expert.

Tailor made change management services

You know one size does not fit all: it’s time to stop buying standard solutions and trying to fit your organization to the latest hypes. It is time for choices and decisions that support your team or organization to grow to the next level. Get your change management needs handled.

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Systemic Leadership Mastery

Tired of change and innovation projects that fail and cost you your ROI? Join our Systemic Leadership Mastery Program™. With this powerful program, you will reduce complexity & stress and generate purpose-led organizations, strong innovation & transformation capabilities, happy customers, and thriving employees.

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Online & offline summits

The Systemic Leadership Summit™ is an online event that helps you to shift your leadership paradigm and dramatically grow your transformation capabilities. It introduces you to a highly diverse and experienced group of influencers.

We bring dozens of the globe’s most influential thought leaders and experts who embody this new, collective-focused leadership.

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What our clients say

"Jennifer led the design and delivery of change interventions, brought together different stakeholders, and added strong structure and communication to support people in moving forward."
Heidi van den Heuvel General Manager Travellers Information Operations Dutch Railways
"We would not have succeeded without your help. Your dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance have ensured that we have changed sustainably, one step at a time during the past period."
Raymond Lesage General Director Ford Utrecht
"​Jennifer has the gift of "sensing the energy of the group" and appealing to their needs while driving towards the commonly defined and now rooted goal."
Aram Cober Principal IT Transformation Vodafone Ziggo