Posted on October 30, 2019

Wanted: brave clients…!

You need to be willing to approach problems differently

Different times call for different measures. If you want different results or solutions then you need to approach the problems in your organization in a different way. If you haven’t tried a systemic approach to your issues, I invite you to be brave and do so now.

A systemic approach to problems requires that you leave behind the traditional approach to problems, leadership and your organization and open up to new perspectives.

If you are willing to do that, please read on.


Are you a leader who needs help with their team or organization,
because it’s stuck in one or more patterns
(behavior, culture, collaboration, other dynamics)?
Contact me for a complimentary organization constellation.


I’m stepping up, how about you?

I’m in the process of deepening my value to my clients, to leaders like you, through a Masters program in Organizational Constellation work. Constellation work is one of the many systemic and systems thinking based approaches I know and use. But I can and want to do so much more with them. It’s time that I step up and into this expertise more when helping clients. In order to accelerate my path, I’m looking for a few (leaders in) organizations with whom I can do an organizational constellation at no cost.


Do you want to approach a complex problem in your organization from a new perspective?
Contact me for a systems constellation at no cost.


Here is an experienced change professional who uses systems thinking based approaches and organizational constellations. This is your chance to get a taste of what it’s like to work systemically without the usual investment.

Are you brave?

You qualify if you are a leader or manager and you need help with your team or organization because you are stuck in one or more patterns (behavior, culture, collaboration, other dynamics) or if you want to solve a complex problem by approaching it from a new/systemic perspective.

I’m in the Netherlands, so it would be nice if you’re located within a few hours flying distance, because I need to be able to travel to you and do this live. I offer constellations in English and Dutch and will reflect on my work in my Masters program.

Feel free to contact me and see if I can be of service to your organization. I can be reached at, through my website: and on LinkedIn.


Thank you.

Jennifer Campbell


Need help with an issue or problem in your team or organization? I’m offering complimentary help to brave clients, who want to look at their situation from a systemic perspective.