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The powerful game plan the top 1% leaders are using to get an extra 50% bump in ROI on change projects without spending a fortune on an army of consultants.

The little known secret my corporate clients use to create elegant, profitable change on their own, without being paying through the nose for outside advice.

Why investing in more IT- systems is the WORST way to go, and what to do instead.

How our clients put an end to ongoing consultancy fees, while earning a massive ROI.

And how to do all this, without excessive feelings of stress, complexity and overwhelm.

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"​Jennifer has the gift of "sensing the energy of the group" and appealing to their needs while driving towards the commonly defined and now rooted goal."
Aram Cober Principal IT Transformation Vodafone Ziggo
"Jennifer led the design and delivery of change interventions, brought together different stakeholders, and added strong structure and communication to support people in moving forward."
Heidi van den Heuvel General Manager Travellers Information Operations Dutch Railways
"We would not have succeeded without your help. Your dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance have ensured that we have changed sustainably, one step at a time during the past period."
Raymond Lesage General Director Ford Utrecht