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With Jennifer Campbell you’re bringing a genuine change expert on board! We collaborated on the implementation of a new ERP system (S/4 HANA) alongside a legal restructuring, a complex and challenging project that brought significant changes for our customers, suppliers, and employees. Jennifer, in her role as Change Lead for BMI Benelux and leader of the local change team, played a pivotal role in orchestrating this transformation. Her contributions and those of the change team were instrumental in the project’s success.

Jennifer possesses a unique ability to infuse projects with energy and enthusiasm, making the change process engaging for all stakeholders involved. With her expertise and structured approach she not only defined the change direction, but also skillfully guided the leadership and other stakeholders while driving the change forward.

I’m convinced that she is a valuable asset to any organization looking to navigate challenging change journeys. Her impact on BMI Benelux was invaluable, and I’m confident she will continue to excel in her future endeavors.

Robert Broeckmans Transformation Director, BMI Benelux

At PLUS we are currently working hard to implement large projects that demand a lot from our entire organization. As a cooperative with a complex structure, we find it very important to not only realize these projects in the technical sense, but also to ensure that all our people are able to adopt these changes and use and apply the new solutions. Jennifer has been a tremendous help in making change and adoption management part of our project approach. She has an enormous amount of experience with the people side of change. Jennifer knows exactly what you need to do as a leader to successfully land changes with the people in your organization. Now we are able to implement complex changes more effectively, as well as more adequately engage and involve all stakeholders. I definitely recommend working with Jennifer, as she flawlessly brings out your development needs and translates them into a tailor made and applicable ways of working. 

My project team and I were on the verge of leading a change that would impact a number of our locations across the globe, when we decided to hire Jennifer as our Change Manager. From day one, she brought in highly valuable change management knowledge and experience as well as expertise in the area of project management. This was a tremendous help in preparing the transition and leading the people affected by the change. As a consequence, we were able to better anticipate the impact, make stronger decisions for the change process, prevent risks when implementing the change and save a lot of time.

I experienced Jennifer as open in her communication and collaboration. For me it is important to work with people who are straightforward and who offer input that my direct reports and I can apply in our roles. With Jennifer as a change manager, that was no problem whatsoever. If you want to achieve a lot within a matter of weeks and at the same time build your change leadership capability for the long run, Jennifer is a great change manager to work with.

I was facing a major complex change, to be implemented across three continents. My Global Operations Leadership Team and I realized that, if our people wouldn’t work with the technical solutions we were co-creating, these investments would be a waste of time and money. We hired Jennifer Campbell to help us with the people, leadership and culture side of change.

Jennifer challenged me to show strong leadership, to think global & act local, to create alignment in my team and to do what is necessary to actively support the behavioral changes needed for results. Jennifer is passionate and confronts you in a graceful way. While bringing expertise and a solid foundation in change leadership, she challenges you to make powerful decisions and guides you with clarity and compassion. What I found particularly valuable and insightful is how her coaching sharpened my thinking. She helped me reflect on my actions as a leader, so I could see how they impacted my team, the project and the results I wanted to create.

All in all, it is a pleasure to work with Jennifer. If you’re a leader wanting to realize project success, better ROI, and more peace of mind, then I highly recommend her.

Jennifer, I want to thank you for your help and effort in working with us. Your coaching of our Management Team has ensured that we have undergone a major change. We would not have succeeded without your help. Your dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance have ensured that we have changed sustainably, one step at a time during the past period. You have guided us and provided us with the right mirror, which allowed us to be brutally honest about where we found ourselves in terms of results and effectiveness as leaders for our employees and in our business with our customers.

Our lunch in the sun, when you challenged me to view our business and my daily actions from the outside in, is a highlight of our collaboration that I enjoy looking back on. I look forward to meeting again in the future.

Hiring Jennifer was the golden tip I needed. She was instrumental in facilitating our strategic planning workshop with 15 technical specialists and forging a team. We are highly experienced on content, but we were not used to applying soft skills. Still, she managed to bring us together in a natural way, allowing us to join forces and translate a common vision into an actionable strategy.

​Jennifer has the gift of “sensing the energy of the group” and appealing to their needs while driving towards the commonly defined and now rooted goal. She was great and hope to work with her again in the future.

Working with Jennifer allowed me and my leadership team to reflect on our organization and on ourselves: as a group and as individuals. This enabled us to lead the major restructuring we were facing, in which we had to let go of more than half of our staff and two thirds of our own leadership team. We’ve transformed into a leaner more effective organization in which we provide better service to our customers. Jennifer lead the design and delivery of change interventions, brought together different stakeholders, and added strong structure and communication to support people in moving forward.

Jennifer is an engaged and highly experienced change manager, with whom we’ve managed to make huge progress. She is very versatile and I learned a ton from our collaboration. You’ll value every minute working with her!

“I attended the SLS 2019 and was impressed by the profound knowledge exchange about systemic leadership. In easy to access and userfriendly webinars, professionally hosted by organizer Jennifer Campbell, international experts shared their systemic expertise and wisdom. As an experienced senior change agent, I valued the gained subject matter content which enlarged my own systemic leadership knowledge. SLS 2019 provided extra practical systemic tools applicable in my daily profession. The online learning community offered me a co-creative learning process with other participants from over the world. To make a long story short, I highly recommend the Systemic Leadership Summits to anyone involved in facilitating systemic change.” An Rubens – Systemic Change Agent & Business Owner – The Productivity Factory, Belgium

The systemic leadership summit is an excellent platform to hear all eminent speakers to whom we may not have chance to hear otherwise. The session with Dr.Peter Senge was great….full of insight. Similarly, the session with Christiane Seuhs was excellent. Although, the subject dealt by Christiane seems to be new and unheard for person like me but as the session went by..things were getting cleared. All other sessions were par excellence…it gives me a feeling that I received a basket of wisdom in my single prayer. I believe apart from the honourable speakers, Jennifer holds the key for each session. Her interview questions and there after the way she summarise are so clear, that it makes the subject more clearly understandable. Thank you once again for giving an opportunity to listen to such eminent speakers.” – Nitin Mistry, Vice President at Goldensun Cosmos Machinery Pvt. Ltd., India

“As I participate in the journey towards a world in which people, organisations and communities increasingly see, live and work through a systems lens, this summit is a valuable support. It helps sustain me, helps me feel part of a wider (still hidden, but growing) community of practitioners, and keeps alive the vision that a better world is not only possible… it is becoming.” – Paula Downey, Partner, Downey Youell Associates, Dublin, Ireland

Juliana Simões

Gratitude is the real word here to express my 1-2-1 session with Jennifer on systemic leadership where we shared finding new and attractive ways to approach sustainability over small/medium companies.

Jennifer kindly shared the importance of the systemic journey where the linear process blends with systemic process, this is what “The Journey” [Systemic Change Leadership Journey™] clearly demonstrates on the importance of each phase and step towards process disruption in a complex world.

I am so glad to each step I take on my systemic facilitation learning journey with new insights, networks and experienced colleagues!

Big thank you, Jennifer!” – Juliana Simões, Spain

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Thomas Malului, General Manager
The BOMA Hotels, Nairobi
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An Rubens, Business Owner & Systemic Change Agent
The Productivity Factory, Belgium
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