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20+ World-Class Experts Come Together for the Worldwide Systemic Leadership Summit
an Online, Virtual Leadership Event, Beginning January 15th

Houten, The Netherlands – January 4, 2017 – Hosted by Jennifer Campbell, MA MMC ORSC PCC, and owner and founder of Jennifer Campbell Systems Oriented Leadership, this virtual summit brings together more than 20 of the brightest stars in the Systems Thinking, Organization Development, Change Management and Leadership Education industries. Over the eight days of the summit, these Transformational Leadership experts will share with established and emerging leaders the secrets of Systemic Leadership necessary to meet today’s shifting leadership paradigm.

Our goal is simple but grand, to help existing and emerging leaders overcome outdated leadership models, enabling and empowering them to create transformation in their business, team, organization or community.

explained Ms. Campbell.

Beyond this, those who attend the Systemic Leadership Summit will discover the latest, cutting-edge Human System-based approaches and strategies that have been developed to transform the capabilities of leaders across the world. Among other tips, geared specifically to the unique world of change management and living systems, attendees will learn:

  • How to deal with leadership challenges in times of complexity and massive change

  • How to improve the leadership capacities to better meet an organization’s goals

  • How to improve the collaborative skills and effectiveness of any team

  • How to encourage and deliver purpose-driven change with the people in an organization

  • How to leverage systemic approaches for more focus, accountability and sustainable results

Free to all who attend, this year’s Systemic Leadership Summit is designed specially to aid and empower managers and leaders who are looking to transform their organization’s culture, moving from hero-based leadership to a new, collective-focused leadership paradigm. Presented in three parts, the summit offers attendees the opportunity for:

  • Introduction to the System – Discover the benefits of a systemic approach to leadership. Participants will practice seeing their tribe as a system, and discover the costs incurred by focusing only on the parts within it.

  • Nurture Generative Communication and Interaction – Learn how to have dialogue from a place of real connection, deep listening and reflection. Attendees will discover how to tap into the wisdom and the different viewpoints that exist in the system they are part of.

  • Co-create Sustainable Solutions and Transform the System – Participants will learn to generate results from the collective intelligence and leadership of their tribe, by co-creating from what emerges, rather than reacting to what has already happened in a system’s environment.

The Systemic Leadership Summit is the #1 online resource designed to teach established and emerging leaders how to leverage Systemic Leadership and Ignite the transformative power of your whole tribe

Ms. Campbell explained.

The Summit brings together more than 20 of the world’s most influential thought leaders and experts from across the world, who live and breathe systemic approaches and who embody this paradigm shift towards a new collective focused leadership. They will teach attendees all about systemic leadership with a 3-step approach designed to bring forth leadership from the collective. The list of experts includes:

  • Jennifer Campbell: Creator and Host SLS 2017, Change, Leadership and Systems Expert

  • Marita Fridjhon: Co-founder and CEO CRR Global, co-creator of ORSC

  • Dr. Marshall Goldsmith: World renown #1 Executive Coach, bestselling author

  • Gaston Schmitz: Former UN program leader, Coach Asia leadership Institute

  • Dr. Susan Gantt: Director of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute

  • Dr. William Tate: Director of the Systemic Leadership Institute

  • Dr. Eliat Aram: CEO of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

  • Olivier Piazza: Collective Intelligence Program Teacher and Leadership Coach

  • Dr. Amy Mindell: Process Work and Deep Democracy expert, creator of MetaSkills

  • Jim Kouzes: Bestselling author, co-author of The Leadership Challenge

  • Jo McHale: Certified NVC Trainer, Leadership Coach

  • Lili Gulbert: Systemic Change Strategist, builds collaborative intelligence with executives

  • Antonio Belgrave: Former leader in pharmaceutical industry, Project management expert

  • Gina Hayden: Leadership expert, Author of Becoming a Conscious Leader

  • Jitse Kramer: Co-founder and Chief of the Culture Academy, author of The Corporate Tribe

  • Dr. Zachary Green: Co-founder Group Relations International, Associate Director Leadership Institute (San Diego)

  • Dr. Morné Mostert: Director of the Institute for Futures Research, President World Leadership Day

  • Nora Bateson: President of the International Bateson Institute, research designer, film-maker, writer

  • Jean-Louis Lamboray: Co-founder of The Constellation, former UNAIDS health specialist, author: “What makes us human?”

  • John Renesch: Advisor, mentor, futurist and writer on matters of social and organizational change

The Systemic Leadership Summit Begins January 15th, and runs through the 22nd. During this unique online event, “We will explore a revolutionary vision of leadership and systemic change approaches, with the help of more than 20 internationally recognized experts on leadership, change management and organizational transformation,” said summit creator and host Jennifer Campbell.

For anyone unable to attend the free Live Sessions, or who wishes to have access to them to study at their convenience, a One Year All-access Pass is available for a one-time fee of just $97 if purchased by the summit kick-off on January 15th,

she explained.

The Creator and Host of the Systemic Leadership Summit, Jennifer Campbell, is an Organizational Development Professional and a Certified Systems Coach. She has dedicated her life and career to helping managers, leaders and business owners make transformations in their businesses, teams and organizations; as well as themselves as a leader of others. She has led and delivered projects for multinational organizations in many countries including USA, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, China, South Africa and (home country) the Netherlands.

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