Systems Oriented Leadership & Leadership Development

  • Would you like to increase inspirational leadership to boost performance, but don’t know how?

  • Could your leaders be more impactful, more constructive in dealing with conflicts, more empowering instead of controlling?

  • Unleash the leadership potential in your organization: Challenge your leaders with Systems Oriented Leadership! 


Vision on Leadership

Man in field with sunIn my opinion, leadership is about leveraging and connecting people’s qualities and drives to contribute to an organization’s goals as well as about overcoming the disadvantages of the organization. Yes, I assume that organizations have drawbacks. Besides the formal organization that is always visible in rules, structures, policies and performance measurements, there is also an information organization. As soon as people work together, their interaction creates an informal organization, which has a life of its own and does not just let keep in check by regulation. The control paradigm filled with concepts from the last century, is no longer tenable for an organization that seeks to address deeper rooted issues or new high demands. These issues require committed employees who feel space in an organization to develop, to share knowledge, to collaborate together and to add value. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Leadership is about creating space for the informal organization in addition to the existing formal management organization. In essence, to me leadership is about building and maintaining trust, creating added value and connecting people through dialogue. In leadership programs I work from this philosophy towards the development of leadership skills. I would like to be a dialogue with you about your ambition regarding horizontal and vertical connections internally within the management framework and externally with the market and/or society. Based on our dialogue on leadership we could assess to what insights are leading in terms of concrete steps and change (interventions) for your leaders.

Systems oriented Leadership*

Systems Oriented Leadership is the type of leadership that comes from the systemic approach of ORSC Coaching and requires a different set of skills from traditional leadership.
Systems Oriented Leadership holds leadership as a role that belongs to all team members and is not only a job description for the leader. This is a challenge for traditional top down management that is often hierarchical and assumes control of resources and manpower.
Systems Oriented Leadership involves the forging of alliances across organizational and national boundaries and different cultures where resources must be shared.
The Systems Oriented Leader focuses on the whole system, not only the individual players. It involves helping to ensure the success of a heterogeneous team in service of a common purpose, through sharing power.

* As defined by CRR

Competencies of Systems Oriented Leaders

Implementing systems oriented leadership involves the development of the following competencies:
  • Leverages relationship systems intelligence
  • Practices Deep Democracy
  • Empowers others
  • Holds leadership as a role that belongs to the system
  • Creates shared accountability
  • Commits to constructive conflict, to lowering of the ‘toxic load’
  • Facilitates change
  • Is aware of own social responsibility
  • Focuses on the whole, not the particles/individuals


(Systems Oriented) Leadership Development

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