Organization Transformation & Project Management

  • Are your business strategy and organizational culture out of synch, could your vision be more alive?

  • Do you want to make permanent changes to create more flow and fulfillment in your business?

  • It’s time to co-create your transformation.


Co-active Transformation

04. Project team lookin at project planning 1Co-active Transformation. That’s my integrated approach to transformation management and implementation projects. In this approach I make maximum use of the knowledge, insight and experience that is present within your organization, combine it with my own expertise and then fulfill the role of “project manager” or “transformation manager”. We co-create the project and mobilize the qualities that are already present in the organization and help you to focus these to work for the proposed transition. I support you in bringing stakeholders together to discuss. I invite you to find, to emphasize (not differences) contracts the common interests and take action. So all bear responsibility for all involved in a newly fitted organization. This approach to change is one for and by all stakeholders and in particular aimed at improving your specific organizational needs. I complement and share my knowledge and experience with change, by providing advisory services, training, projects and workshops and offer specialist knowledge. In this way I build with you towards sustainable changes within your organization.
I support you in defining and implementing the required changes regarding the improved service. My advice and guidance are aimed at changing the things that matter most right now. It aims to focus all organizational aspects, not just one area. I assume an approach based on “If it is not broken, do not fix it”: together with you I focus only on topics where the current situation leads or may lead to unclear or undesirable situations . In other words, rather than to building and developing everything from scratch, we want to look at the people and organizational units involved in the current situation where things need to be improved and transformed.



In our approach, we find it very important to be good to join you: it’s all about the current situation in your organization, the vision and objectives of the organization and the people who will contribute and achieve these objectives. Then we will help you to consider new perspectives and ideas and to shape so you and your people can move and behave changes may realize. Clear agreements on roles are required. Please find below our suggested roles for your project:
  • Transformation Manager (Co-active approach Transformation)
  • Project Performers


Project responsibility and control

I fulfill a steering and advisory role on all projects and activities that take place within the organization regarding the improvement of services. I am a sparring partner who helps you determine which developments should be facilitated, which developments are already running and how that can contribute to your objectives. If ‘director’ I lay with you connections between the hard and soft organizational aspects within your organization and will liaise closely with the management, the organization-wide working group (electronic) services and other parties. This role requires a close working relationship with your organization, with the director on a frequent basis will be active. Within your organization In consultation with the management we identify your requirements and any other requirements for use of this role and we are happy to make this clear agreements with you.
Organization Transformation projects fall under my responsibility, as a central point of contact for our clients. Together, you and I implement in close consultation the overall transformation process. My work includes:
  • Tuning of purpose, content, approach, duration and conditions of the components in the range
  • Chairing and assist in program management meetings at which decisions about consultation guidance steps in the process occur
  • Controling and achieving the desired changes on the basis of detailed plans of action
  • Discussing the content (evaluation) aspects and make proposals for change or adjustment in the scope
  • Pairing the right skills to the discussed / requested topics / support
  • Coordinating the development of content and learning tools
  • Determining the profile of executive consultants and trainers
  • Determining the required number of professional (consultants, trainers, coaches) to deploy
  • Determining the distribution of tasks between you and me and the procedures for the next planning period
  • Monitoring and possibly adjusting the business arrangements within this agreement (are) formed.



Since I mostly manage and deliver larger and / or organization-wide projects in collaboration with other experts, we will decide together which professionals will fulfill which roles in the implementation project. In this way you will be explicitly involved in the choice of professionals who are deployed. During organization wide interventions and journeys I find a targeted deployment of competencies very important. In the coactive transformation approach we will combine our experience with the expertise that is present in the organization itself. Our added value lies in the addition to what you have in house. When working with specific target groups, a good match between the group and our professionals is also of utmost importance.  This way we are able to provide continuity and we can guarantee professionalism throughout the process.