Organization Development Consultancy

What in your organization needs transformation? How does this add to your organization’s purpose?

My services start by answering these questions. In one or more Organization Development (OD) Consultancy meetings we will explore your current organization situation, your question and the status quo on OD matters. During our to-the-point discussions, we will specify the organizational needs in terms of development, change and transformation. Depending on your preferences you will receive a proposal or an advice on how we could co-create the transformation in (a part of) your organization. Examples of OD consultancy I provide for clients:
  • New vision development
  • Leadership development
  • Culture change and business change management
  • Training change management
More about my organization transformation approach.


A clear vision kopie 2My vision on Organization Development

Prompted by their environment, organizations are constantly challenged to grow, develop and change. In my opinion, successful organization development means that people move forward, that they visibly and sustainably behave differently than before, making organizational goals much more feasible or results much more achievable. Successful organizational development is a process, not one single event, during which employees internalize the pattern to continuously develop where necessary. I find continuous and lasting development an important theme to aim for.


Knowledge in the client organization

When I am asked to support organizational development issues, I see the knowledge that’s present within the organization as an important and indispensable resource. Where I am an expert in the design and delivery of development projects aimed at breaking behavioral patterns, clients are the experts on the content, on their primary processes. I believe that organizations can develop in a sustainable way, only when I work together with my clients from a shared responsibility and not take over the responsibilities of the organization. To guarantee results of organizational questions I share my expertise, so that clients are able to work independently in new situations and to continuously build successful organizations.

Relationship with strategy

For me, a crucial starting point and benchmark for my advice and interventions is my client’s strategy. Preferably I start projects at the (higher) management level, because the success of organizational development strongly depends on the way in which the management plays a leading role. My strength is to challenge management to entice new prospects and to break free from ingrained routines. The next step is translating these new perspectives to the of the organization (middle management and executive employees) and the chain (other stakeholders).

Tailor made

Every organization is unique and so is every organization development question. Therefore I do not believe in standard concepts and one-size-fits-all. Together with the client, I analyze the client’s unique situation: then we determine the best approach together. Directing transformation processes requires foresight, but in my job the horizon can be nearby and also sometimes changing. From my experience, I can offer clients different perspectives, and possible solutions. In this way there is no need to reinvent the wheel. I offer clients a choice of both best practices and new insights.