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…a general manager, director, leader, HR manager or project manager in your organization. You know what you want to achieve with your team, department or organization in terms of behavior, development and change. You are looking for an experienced sparring partner, to advise you and work with you on implementation.

Clients and Projects

I co-create transformations with clients at many levels, from middle management to c-level. My client organizations are predominantly medium sized to large organizations, profit and non-profit. Next to my activities nationally, I also work in highly diverse multinational settings. Below you’ll find examples of clients I worked for and of projects I completed, to give you an impression of my work*:

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An IT multinational  wanted to substantially transform its leadership in the Benelux region, based on market developments and their Employee Engagement Survey results. After the new strategy was redefined, it needed to be translated into a program for their top 350 leaders towards more inspirational leadership behavior.

Services: organization & leadership development consultancy for the CEO, the Management Team and the HR directorate.  The design, management and delivery of a one year tailor made leadership program with development at organizational, team and individual level. Real business challenges were part of the program to closely connect leadership development to the business.

Roles: consultant, content expert, designer, project manager, leader and coach for professionals involved. This international project  was delivered in English and Dutch.

Results: strategy implementation, improved collaboration skills, culture change, enhanced process and chain management, higher client orientation. Most of all: more inspirational, visionary and effective leadership.X X X X X X X X X XXX XX XXXXXXXXXXXXX X X X X X X XX X X X X X X X


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A municipal organization with 600 employees needed to dramatically transform its service levels. The vision, strategy and IT plans were in place, but consultancy was needed to realize effective client oriented behavior. A project was co-created to create a customer intimacy focus  and to implement culture change.

Services: OD consulting for a core team of directors and line, HR, communications managers. Designed, managed and delivered an organization wide culture change project (duration: 1,5 year) with various interventions including leadership development, large scale interventions, training and workshops for all 600 employees. The project was a co-created with the core team.

Roles: consultant, change expert, designer, project manager, leader and coach for all professionals involved. XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX

Results: a strong new culture based on customer intimacy emerged, which supported the vision and new management choices. Employees were able to work in the enhanced structures and processes,  identify and fulfill their clients’ needs,  build on each other’s expertise and deliver high quality products and services.


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A multinational in the Pharmaceutical Industry was looking for a management development program, in which managers could enhance their ability to be effective in the matrix structure, manage heterogeneous virtual teams and to deal with complexity. The MD program needed to also fit in the wider Human Capital strategy.

Services: organization & leadership development consultancy to HR, design and delivery (English) of an MD program for middle managers. The tailor made 6 month pilot program consisted of competency assessments (at start and end), four modules, team assignments, peer consultation sessions, a digital learning environment and individual coaching.

Roles: consultant & content expert, program designer, project manager, facilitator. This project was delivered in English. XX XXX XXX X XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX

Results: managers substantially enhanced their management skills and effectiveness in a complex and highly diverse environment. Participants reported better results and greater joy in managing virtual teams. The MD program was launched in various locations across the globe.



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Ministry of Defense – team & leadership coaching

Services: Coached a Management Team on vision, strategic management and leadership development, advised on restructuring & change management processes, coached on effective and results-oriented team collaboration. 

Roles: consultant & content expert, program designer, project manager, team trainer and coach.

Results: team development, conflict resolution, new management philosophy and focus, effective decision making. This MT overcame mistrust and power play issues and transformed into a strong,  focussed and well performing team of leaders.


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International Bank – team coaching

Services: Team development project for large heterogeneous teams of employees with Dutch and Belgian nationalities in a post merger situation. Focus on team effectiveness, competencies and performance management. Delivered in English.

Roles: consultant & content expert, program designer, project manager, team trainer and coach.

Results: team development, conflict resolution, diversity management, focus & goal setting, competency management, effective decision making. The team members including their manager became a great and well performing team.


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Educational organization – product development

Services: Development of a modular Organization Development Program, towards the certification of OD professionals. The product was designed to fit the line of black label high quality education programs of the organization. Designed in English.

Roles: OD content expert, product & program designer, project & program manager.

Results: a high quality OD certification curriculum  including a module which was co-designed  with the Tavistock as a Group Relations Conference and set up to study Leadership, Authority, Role, Influence and Power in organizations.


* All exemplary projects were completed. Please contact me for an indication of current projects.